Why do you need an RV Vent Covers? Your RV vehicle may already have an RV Vent and maybe using an ‘RV Vent fan. However, using the RV air vent, in general, can cause some problems. For example, no matter how much air you need, you should close the RV Roof Vent when it rains. Another common problem is that RV roofs have to be closed while the vehicle is running.

The function of this RV ventilator is to get fresh air from outside into the RV house. Also, if you use a vent fan, other things like the leaves of the trees will be drawn in with the air when you draw air from outside. The only solution to all these common problems is to use an RV roof covering.

By installing an RV Roof Vent Cover on your RV roof, you can get fresh air into the RV without interruption. Whether it’s a rainy day or on the go, there’s no problem keeping the RV vent fan or RV roof vent open as usual.

RV vent covers
RV Vent Cover

The Best RV Vent Fans and Covers

1. Camco RV Roof Vent Cover

rv vent covers
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It helps you get fresh air and light, and there is no interruption, even with the rain. Easy to clean and has removable louvers. Its aerodynamic design reduces air pressure as the RV travels, giving it a more elegant look. With the Camco RV Roof Vent Cover, keep the ventilation open even on a rainy day as rainwater does not leak inside. Manufactured with UV stable resin for rough use for many years and made in the USA from eco-friendly and non-harmful ingredients.

Its length, width, and height are 19.3 x 19 x 8.7 inches, standard RV ventilation dimensions. It comes with all the hardware you need to install; you only need the tools you need to install. This product has 4.7-star rating customer reviews, and 95% of buyers are happy with the purchase. It has already sold over 10,000 items and has become one of its best quality RV vents covers

2. Maxxair 00-05100K MaxxFan Ventillation Fan

Maxxair 00-05100K MaxxFan Ventillation Fan
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Maxxair 00-05100K MaxxFan is one of the best complete RV ventilation systems currently on the market. Unlike other RV ventilation fans, you do not need to purchase a separate RV ventilation hood. The vent cover and fan are on the same device. Compared to other fans, the noise is very low and comes with a 12V DC electric motor. With an air intake and exhaust feature, the 10-blade high-powered fan cools your RV home very quickly. An engine with a protecting fuse and ball bearings with a Long life can work continuously for up to 24 hours.

The internal insect screen is easy to clean; rotate the four retaining buttons to remove it for cleaning. Perfect for RVs with standard 14 “x 14” inches roof openings, you get all the mounting screws and hardware with this for free. Better to buy a “Maxxair 00-05100K” with both than to buy the best RV Vent Cover or the best RV Vent fan.

3. Maxxair Vent Corp 00-04000K Maxxfan

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Perfect for your 14-inch x 14 inch RV roof openings. Experience the cool air in RV housings with a fan with 10 speeds and 10 blades.
The “Maxire Ventcop” comes with remote control, which is an added advantage. It has air intake and air intake and a manual opening lid. Its lid acts as a ceiling fan as soon as you close it, helping to disperse the air inside the RV. The lid has dual support arms for lifting, which increases the strength of the lid. This reduces the risk of wind damage to the lid while driving.

The total weight of this RV ventilator fan is 12 lbs and you can install it. Includes all screws and brackets required for mounting, sealant only must be purchased separately. For those who do not need an RV Vent cover or are looking for an RV Vent fan, the Maxire Vent Coop is ideal.

5. Maxxair 0004500K MaxxFan Smoke

best RV Vent Cover
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This is a product of Maxxair, one of the best brands in the production of RV vent fan and vent covers. Its subtleties can be controlled remotely, which is an important feature. For example, pressing a button on the remote control even works to open and close the lid. Its total weight is 5.23 pounds, Dimensions 14.76 x 12.75 x 5.23 inches. The remote control screen displays all data, including inside and outside temperature. You can turn on the RV Vent fan and observe a rapid drop in temperature within minutes. You can see it by looking at the screen of your remote control.

Compared to other RV fans, the Maxxair 0004500K is special because of its Maxxair 0004500K feature. When you see its remote control, you wonder if it is an RV air conditioner. If you think so, most likely the thermostat feature comes with air conditioning and rarely comes with RV fans. What happens here is that after setting the desired temperature it remains stable. It is similar to the operation of your home air conditioner. So this is a great investment for your RV.

6. Fan-Tastic Vent U1500WH Ultra Breeze Vent Cover

RV Roof Vent Cover
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I think the 0004500K ventilation cover introduced to the market by Fan-Tastic is a revolutionary change. The U1500WH Is upgraded to provide 75% more airflow than other RV vents. Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, or any 14 “x 14” Vent in your RV. Made of high-quality polyethylene protected from ultraviolet rays, there is no doubt about its durability. It has the highest value compared to the existing RV vent covers. The unique feature you get with this is the three year warranty period. I do not think there will be such a warranty period under any other brand.

Its air intake window has a louver, and tests have shown that the amount of air available through the louver is 95% – 100%. Now you know how valuable RV Vent Covers are for your RV vehicle. You need to understand the difference between using a standard RV vent fan and using a vent fan with a cover.

Things to know before buying RV Vent Fans and Covers.

best RV Vent fan
best RV Vent fan

Price and quality.

High-quality RV vents, as well as low-quality vents, are abundant in the market. So always make sure to buy only high-quality vent covers. Beware of non-standard vents made of soft plastic that decomposes very quickly and cracks easily. If you buy from an online store, consider the buyer’s feedback and sales records. Always buy only RV vent covers or RV vent fans under a well-known brand.


We all buy a fan or cover with special features rather than buying an old standard fan or cover. For example; Instead of traditional RV fans, you can purchase energy-saving solar-powered RV fans. You can purchase durable UV protective RV vents covers instead of the usual RV vents covers. Also, purchasing a 2in1 device saves more money than buying a separate vent fan and cover.


First, you need to think about what your Requirement is. For example, you need to choose a fan that matches the ventilation dimensions of your RV and the power source you want to use. If you are a part-time RV camper, you do not need an expensive RV vent cover or fans. But if you live RV full time, it is essential to buy high-quality equipment.

RV Roof Vent Cover
RV Roof Vent Cover

People also ask

Are RV vent covers necessary?

It depends on your requirements. Ventilator lids should be closed when it is raining or moving, and the lid can be left open without obstruction if there are RV vent covers. This is a common problem with using RV ventilation fans. RV ventilation is not a barrier to keeping it open under any weather conditions. It also blocks the entry of insects into the RV when the ventilation fans are working.

How are RV vent covers measured?

RV vent covers are manufactured to standard dimensions, as the length and width of a standard RV vent are 14 ”x 14”. It is essential to measure your RV ventilator before purchasing it, as it can vary slightly in length and width.

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