Is that your search for table top griddles stopped at Blackstone? Certainly, Blackstone tabletop griddles are always at the top, among many others. But which Blackstone tabletop griddle is the best?

Making a perfect choice out of the best is always challenging. Don’t worry. Now we’ve taken this challenge and reviewed all the leading table top griddles from Blackstone. Our experts have evaluated the thousands of users’ reviews to let you know where one griddle is superior to another.

We have reviewed these Blackstone griddles for quality, efficiency, size, durability, portability, and price. Thus, what you’ll find is a smooth cooking experience at the end. So, let’s sail for this 15 mins read with no more delay.

Our Expert Review for the Top 8 Blackstone Table top Griddle

Evaluation of the Blackstone tabletop griddle has been highly demanding. The reason is, most of the top-picked griddles have beenalike. The only difference has been the design or the size. So, here are some of the areas where all the Blackstone grills have been the same:

  • The tabletop griddles by Blackstone have a stainless steel top for grilling. These tops’ cold stainless steel material makes them study heavy use like scraping or cutting using knives. In the same way, all the griddles have hotter and colder points to let you heat your food accordingly. So, that aims at facilitating the cooking process by preventing overcooking.
  • These table top portable griddles by Blackstone have a frame of powder-coated iron. Thus, they’re rust-resistant and hence are long-lasting. So, we’ll not discuss the durability of each product by Blackstone individually.
  • All the griddles are heavier. However, for the value, you can ignore the weight. Hence, when we say the griddles are portable, they’ve portability facilitating design only.
  • The grease collection system of the Blackstone tabletop griddles is advanced and well thought out, which is hard to get with any other brand. So, they demand a little effort for frequent cleaning.

Of course, the model numbers are varying. Yet, the design, the size of the griddle top, and heat intensity make our Blackstone grills different. In the same way, simplicity or complexity adds more to the versatility. In short, if you are sure about your BBQing or cooking needs, you can easily pick the best. So, here we continue our review to let you know where and how which Blackstone table top griddle is different.

1: Blackstone 1813 22 Inch Tabletop Griddle

blackstone portable griddle
blackstone portable griddle

Do you need the Blackstone tabletop griddle for backyard, camping, or outdoor party? Available in two different sizes of 22 and 17 inches with five other options: with or without hood, with side shelf, garbage holder, and cutting board, the 1813 griddle by Blackstone is the first in our picks.

When it’s about grilling and cooking, heat is essential. This 1813 griddle delivers 15000BTU on each of its burners, making a total of 30000 BTU. At the same time, by turning off one burner, you get more heat on the other.

Its extensive grilling area lets you enjoy BBQ for your big gathering. For food preparation, the cutting board helps you a lot, like your kitchen counter.

In the same way, the bottom shelves help you manage your accessories on the griddle counter. From assembly to usage, the grill is a breeze. The top removable griddle/ cooking section makes and the wheels frame aid the portability.

A single push button does an incredible job. Besides this, cleanliness is also easy. The movable iron frame with foldable legs is powder-coated.

We’ve found only one minor flaw with this grill. The grease collector is small. Thus, it overflows soon. Otherwise, the gear is loveeee!

We Like

  • Portable
  • Long-lasting
  • Value for money
  • Excellent

We Don’t Like

  • The grease collector is small.

2: Blackstone 1971 as the Best Stainless Steel Table top Griddle for Camping 

blackstone 17 griddle
blackstone 17 griddle

Does stainless steel tabletop griddle suffice for your small outdoor cooking needs? Whether it’s about frying or barbecuing, the 1971 stainless steel Blackstone 17 griddle does a perfect job.

On the downside, in windy places, you can miss a windscreen. On the other hand, the drip tray is small, though it does the job. In short, for occasional camping, it’s superb.

It’s available in 2 different sizes besides the with or without hood. For the operations, the single knob controls the entire system. Thus, you find it extremely easy.

We Like

  • Easily Portable
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to us

We Don’t Like

  • Wind can affect the heat

3: 1666 Blackstone Tabletop Griddle 22 inch without Hood

blackstone 22 griddle
blackstone 22 griddle

Has your outdoor grilling nothing to do with the hooded griddle? This 1661 Blackstone 22 griddle can make you a perfect griddle for yard grilling and campsite cooking.

Two fastest burners with 1200 BTU for each let you make your BBQ on its heated grills. Thus, it well accommodates the camping BBQ needs of you two. 

How many times are table top griddles hell for stability? Well, this 1666 Blackstone tabletop griddle has adjustable rubber feet. Thus, while cooking or scraping, you’ve no fear of displacement.

Longevity? Yes, it has.

The cleanliness of the girdle is also accessible, just like its usage. In a nutshell, it’s an ideal tabletop griddle for you two.

We Like

  • Effortless cooking and frying
  • Durable
  • Stable because of adjustable legs

We Don’t Like

  • Heavier

4: 17 inch 1814 Blackstone Table Top Griddle with Hood for Solo Camping or Twos

portable propane griddle
portable propane griddle

Do you love late-night BBQs with smoky grilling? With a removable hood, the Blackstone table top griddle is for you. Its small 17 inches area meets mini BBQ needs. 

The griddle runs on a single control button. So, you need no engineered understanding to use its burner. 

In the same way, when cleanliness invites headache, you find it reasonably cooperative. The reason is its rear grease collecting system.

Is the steady placement of your griddle is your concern? Blackstone has also managed it well through the friction providing rubber feet of this griddle.

We Like

  • Perfect for Solo camping
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to use

We Don’t Like

  • Heavy

5: 1825 Blackstone 28 inch Tabletop Griddle as the Family Camping Griddle 

blackstone 28 griddle
blackstone 28 griddle

Two efficient burners, foldable legs, powder-coated iron frame, and side shelf. What else would you want in your portable griddle? 

Indeed, you don’t need any. We reviewed this 28 and 36 inches 1825 as the top Blackstone table top griddle for camping with the family.

It’s available in two different sizes of 28 and 36 inches. Other options: with or without hood make your selection easier. 

To operate, you’ll use only its single push button. In the same way, because of the removable grill top and foldable legs, the portability is also effortless.

How long it’ll last? The material is the guarantee! 

Surely, family-size camping or tailgating can’t go without enough heat. Therefore, Blackstone provides 15000BTU on each burner. The side shelf and bottom storage will help with the cooking process.

So much goodness, then what can be the downside? It’s’ only the grease collector underneath.

We Like

  • Wider cooking area
  • Easy to uses
  • Portable
  • Long-Lasting

We Don’t Like

  • Grease collector overflows.

6: Blackstone 36 inch Portable Flat Top Griddle for Professionals

blackstone 36 griddle
blackstone 36 griddle

What if you haven’t found the best Blackstone table top griddle for tireless BBQ at the camping site? You must have been professional then!! 

We’ve reviewed the tabletop grill that has the most expansive top of 36 inches. However, it’s not the area that impresses you. It’s the design.

What can it accommodate? It can help with everything: your food, your propane gas tank, your food cutting needs, and your towel as well. Moreover, the towel hanger is a blessing, as the side shelf and cutting board are.

The story doesn’t end here. It is easily movable on its lockable four wheels. So, when you’re at week-long camping with your happy time buddies, having it is heaven. 

Its four burners with 15000 BTU for each will let you make a dozen of servings in no time. 

Are you thinking about the downside? Its pan can catch rust.

We Like

  • Excellent performance
  • Movable
  • Long-Lasting
  • The well-designed grease collection system

We Don’t Like

  • The top can rust

7: Blackstone 1984 36 Inch Flat Top Griddle for Camping

We have added another best-selling Blackstone tabletop griddle to our list. It’s the 1984 top flat griddle with a wheeled frame and side shelves. 

With its four burners of 15000BTU for each, the griddle lets you roast or fry your recipes. This griddle can be a fantastic choice when you don’t need many details.  

It acts as a good cooking station at the camping site. Its shelf and storage shelf lets you organize your outdoor kitchen.

It has a towel hanger, too — every outdoor chef’s desire.

Its large cooking area allows you to be fast with your servings. Thus, your guest has not to wait.

What to ignore if you’ve fallen in love with this table top flat griddle? It’s the corrosion-prone top. In short, for the pro-BBQing, it’s great.

We Like

  • fantastic performance
  • More surface area
  • Durable

We Don’t Like

  • The top catches rust.

Blackstone vs. Royal gourmet Table top Griddle

Surprised? Yes, we’ve also made a comparison between the Royal Gourmet and Blackstone griddle. 

Why?  You want to save some money, but you also look for some similar quality options. 

During our research, we’ve found this tabletop griddle by Royal Gourmet competing the Blackstone’s. So, here is our review of the Royal Gourmet table top griddle.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor camping becomes memorable when you have the most friendly tabletop griddle to entertain your taste buds with the exquisite taste of barbeque. In such a case, the Blackstone tabletop griddle becomes the only choice for its quality. 

They are essentially superb. For instance, the portable Blackstone griddle 1813  the best.

In comparison, for demanding cooking, the griddle by Blackstone is also marvelous.

However, sometimes you prefer to manage your budget. You can also get a great griddle from some other brands like Royal Gourmet in such a case. So, when you get your best griddle, make sure it meets your expectations.

If you are cooking outdoors, you may need a Cooking Table for Blackstone 22 and 17. Our next review is about the best outdoor cooking table.


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