Do you need a portable, quick, and compact camping ice maker for you? A good ice maker can end the pain of carrying the ice cubes in a bag or looking for insulated containers to keep your beverages cool.

You want an ice machine that delivers you the right size and number of ice cubes on the camping spot.

They’re large. Yet, portable ice makers can be the solution.

How can you get one that relaxes you with cold coffees or drinks? It’s simple. Give 10 mins to read this article. We’ve got your excellent ice machines, and you’ll find yours soon. Here we go…..

Best Portable ice maker for camping

1. Igloo ICEB26HNAQ Ice Maker Machine With Handle

camping ice maker
Igloo camping ice maker

How often do you feel awkward carrying your machine in your arms when it has no carry handle?

The answer can be “almost every time.” Therefore, we have the Igloo camping ice maker as the best portable camping ice maker on our list.

The manufacturers have paid great attention to every need of portable ice maker users. As a result, you can pick it in your hand besides all your luggage on your camping.

Following the ice machines’ latest design, the machine has a silent alarm system and an intelligent control panel. The self-cleaning system of the machine is also relaxing for your busy mind.

The machine is extraordinarily fast. Yet, once done with the ice cubes, your ice cubes need immediate displacement. Otherwise, they’ll melt.

The only thing the machine could do better is the re-set call after any unseen power failure.


  • Perfect design for portability
  • Self-cleaning system
  • LED alarming
  • Not noisy


  • It needs a manual restart after power failure.

2. Dreamiracle Ice Maker Machine for Countertop, 33 lbs Bullet Ice Cube in 24H

Do you want the machine with higher ice cube delivery? The large camping ice maker from Dream miracle is great. The machine has a 33 lb capacity for 24 hours, while it can give you up to 9 ice cubes for your summer galas. So, it’s matchless for your big parties at home or camping areas. The machine does its cleaning itself. Thus, the cleanliness of the large cooling body causes no distress.

The machine has effective control over the ice-making and water level. So, you can see an alarm from the machine when it needs your help. The ice-making gear is reliable. The reason is the 1-year & 45 days return policy. You’ll certainly love to have this robust machine. It’s because of the durable outer stainless steel body of the machine — uncommon.


  • No noise
  • Firm body
  • Auto alarming system
  • Excellent return policy


  • Can cause quick ice cubes melting

3. Igloo ICEB26RR  Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop

loo ICEB26RR
loo ICEB26RR

How long are 6 mins? You’ll call it short…. The portable ice maker by Igloo is one of the famous ice machines for its fast ice-making speed. Its massive system can continuously deliver you ice cubes of up to 12 kg in 24 hrs. Thus, it’s your full-time camping guy. You can even look forward to sharing your ice reservoir with your neighbors. The beautiful sleek design of the ice maker looks so ICEY. Similarly, it’s durable. The water residue of the machine is 2 liters. Thus, for one fill, you’ll get 4lb of ice cubes. Ice makers have a terrible reputation for noise… Yet, the KICHI has reduced the noise to 65dB. The ice maker allows you to get ice cubes of 2 sizes quickly. Just connect to the power line and select your size on the top control panel. Consequently, your ice cubes will be ready.

The ice maker also has a less complex drainage system. Therefore, you enjoy carefree maintenance for your machine—no mess in the RV. The KICHI machine has a smooth cooling system. Therefore, your ice cubes are uniform in size and hardness. That caretaking transparent window of the machine lets you observe the preparation of the ice cubes. In this way, it helps you manage your drinks. Your machine has a water run-out alarm system. So, when it needs it, it’ll demand it. For cleaning, the machine is a breeze. Just plugging out the appliance will prepare it for a wipe cleaning. If you want to get a machine, you’re going to invite calmness. How??? It has a 2 years warranty.


  • Quiet
  • Quick ice making
  • Excellent customer service


  • Small basket

4. Crownful Ice Maker Countertop Machine, 9 Ice Cube Ready in 8-10 Minutes

Crownful portable ice maker for camping
Crownful portable ice maker for camping

The obedient and silent portable camping ice maker from Crownful is another fantastic addition to our list. The ice maker by CROWNFUL lets you get the ice cubes every 8 mins. Thus, you can enjoy your drinks with no fear of not having ice.

The ice maker has a top window to check on the ice making and call for the drinks accordingly.

The process requires no effort except plugging the system with the relevant voltage. Hence, 1-2 presses will put the machine in working condition.

The camping ice maker comes with a 12-month warranty and is full-time. So, you need not worry about any unseen issue.

The overall capacity of the machine is 13kg ice-making during 24 hours. Similarly, the onetime filling of the water reservoir is up to 1.8 liters. Thus, your flow of ice receiving is well maintained.

The Crown Ice maker is another name of comfort. How?

It has an alarm system when the ice-making is complete. So, you can transfer it as soon as possible — the most advisable. The same is with the water deficiency alarm.

As the chiller of the machine works without a hitch, your ice cubes are hard and clear.

The cleanliness of the machine is traditional. So, wipe it with a wet cloth after turning it off.

Overall, the machine is excellent for the price. Yet, you can see it under-delivering the ice cubes’ sizes if water has a higher temperature. Besides this, the insulation needs improvement.


  • Not Noisy
  • Good alarming system


  • Needs more insulation

5. Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 26 lbs in 24 Hours, 9 Cubes Ready in 8 Mins

Euhomy portable ice maker for camping
Euhomy portable ice maker for camping

Want to put more trust in your ice maker? The Antarctic machine by Euhomy is for you. Your small get-together will end joyfully with this machine.

Your ice cubes will come out in just 8 mins while the 24 hours efficiency of the machine is that of 26lb.

The machine has a well-developed water circulating system to save your water. The unique compressor cuts on the power consumption. Thus, you can efficiently run your gear on the RV generators.

For the placement, the machine doesn’t demand ample space. So, put it on your small RV counter as well.

What you’ll love the most is the 24 hours customer support. They’ll reach out when your machine has a problem.

The portability of the ice cubes is as easy as the machine is. Your appliance has a removable ice basket and ice scoops.

The portable camping ice maker’s control panel lets you use two options of on/off and ice cube sizes. Besides this, you get more control over the machine because of its alarming infrared system for water fling or ice-making stoppage.

The design of the machine is indeed elegant and durable. So, it will fit in the interior of your RV very well.


  • Sleek Design
  • Efficient performance
  • Smart alarming system


  • Can be audible

6. TRUSTECH Ice Maker Machine for Countertop, Automatic Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker

TRUSTECH best camping ice maker
TRUSTECH best camping ice maker

Have you got a fondness for the chewable ice cube of your smoothies and drinks? The self-cleaning, portable camping ice maker is an excellent addition to our collection of ice machines.

The machine makes perfect ice cubes of two sizes. Besides this, the process control system is so smart that you can do it with one press.

The top transparent lid serves as an eye on your icy chews. Furthermore, the product has a one-year warranty. Therefore, you can have it with all-metal ease.

The insulation of the ice maker isn’t like a refrigerator. Therefore, you need to collect your ice cubes when they’re ready, lest they’ll melt.

The maintenance is also effortless. The reason is, the machine has an auto-semi-cleaning system.

The machine by Trustech has an auto temperature reading system. So, by pressing the button for 3 seconds, you can read between celsius and Fahrenheit.

In short, like any quality ice maker, the machine does its job nicely.


  • Impressive Design
  • Quality performance
  • LED alarming system


  • Ice cubes melt in no time

7. AGLUCKY Countertop Ice Maker Machine, Compact Automatic Ice Maker

AGLUCKY Countertop camping ice maker
AGLUCKY Countertop camping ice maker

The countertop ice machine is more comfortable to use. If you agree with us, the camping ice maker from AGYLUCKY is one of the best camping ice makers on our list.

The machine is lightweight. So, you can carry it anywhere when you’ve planned for cold drinks, iced food, or sodas.

From picking to use, the machine is soothing. The top load with a transparent lid is full of convenience. Likewise, the built-in alarming system keeps you vigilant for unloading the ice cubes and refilling the water tank. This machine also brings you two sizes of ice cubes. Hence, you can get any.

Though the product seems incredible, yet it demands manual cleaning. The reason is, unlike other travel ice makers, it has no auto or semi-self-cleaning system.

The noise control is marvelous. You can never notice that the machine is working near you.

Overall, the machine has a value equal to its price.


  • Beautiful
  • Wonderful performance
  • LED alarming


  • No self-cleaning option

8. VIVOHOME Electric Portable Compact Countertop Automatic Ice Cube Maker Machine

VIVOHOME Electric ortable ice maker for camping
VIVOHOME Electric portable ice maker for camping

Do you need crisp in your camping ice maker color? The RED portable camping ice maker is a super machine.

We fell in love with it after the first encounter. The compact and lightweight machine does not demand large spaces. Hence, you can have it on a small counter.

With 26lb ice turning round in 24 hours, the ice maker is super fast. So, it can make the badge of the ice cubes in just 6 minutes.

The auto alert system for the water overflow and water demands is efficient to keep you active on your machine. Thus, you don’t complain about the melting ice cubes.

The machine has a compress cooling system for low energy consumption. Similarly, the manufacturer also aims at less noisy machines. So, it has LED light alarms.


  • Unique color
  • Even performance
  • LED alarming


  • No self-cleaning

Best Camping Ice Maker: Our Disclaimer

Having read about the best camping Icemaker, you have got 8 products, Do you think they have been very different? No… they were nearly alike. The prices have been varying. Similarly, the consumer complaints have also been the same. Are these ice makers not ideal? No, they are… They’ve got some truths about them. You can only have your best portable ice makers if you accept them. Why not get an overview of these findings? These are:

  • Ice makers are not refrigerators. Similarly, the insulation is also not thicker. Therefore, your ice will melt in every ice maker. So, pick your ice cubes instantly when they are ready.
  • You can make a confident purchase if your product has a good warranty. So, look for it.
  • Auto-cleaning is pretty good. However, it doesn’t do a complete cleaning. Hence, your hand is required here.
  • Ice makers can make nice hard ice of your pour cold water. Hot water can result in poor ice formation.

In short, a realistic approach towards your camping ice maker can help you remain happy.

In Short,

Your fun-filled summer days can be fantastic if you have an ideal portable camping ice maker with you. It can supply you with ice cubes. From our selection of portable ice makers, you’ve got a good variety of ice makers. Now, you can have yours. So, which one is your ice maker for the picnics, Easters, and barbecue events? If you are looking for the best coffee maker to camp, read on. Get it now….


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