Camping is life to you, the same is pizza-making for you!!! Therefore, you feel your adventure half-done without a camping pizza oven. Of course, a pizza maker lets you fill your camping table with the unlimited joy of a cheesy taste.

But your expectations end in despair when your outdoor pizza oven delivers insufficient heat. You never want to regret your purchase.

So, to help you get the most memorable experience with your outdoor pizza making, we’ve got you the 6 best outdoor pizza ovens. Let’s read to get you your ideal pizza maker. Be mindful, yours is just 10 mins away from you.

How to choose the best camping pizza oven: a quick read

Do you think that your ideal camp pizza oven must meet certain standards? “Yes,” you’ll say. Therefore, we aren’t jumping to explore what outdoor pizza ovens we’ve found for you. So, to help you have your desirable purchase, we have also listed how you can make a 100% satisfying purchase.

portable camping pizza oven

●  Where will you be camping?

Before buying your portable pizza oven, it’s highly necessary to decide where you camp. The reason is, not all ovens will serve you with an equal level of heat. Weather and altitude also affect the performance of the gear.

●  What is your ideal pizza size?

Remember, the outdoor pizza ovens are not the same as you’ve in your home. Therefore, the size of your pizza will directly affect the results that you’ll get from your pizza making.

For example, a pizza oven for making 10-inch pizza will not serve you equal results with your 14in pizza. Thus, ultimately, you’ll feel disappointed — because of the pizza size.

●  Your peed cooking experience?

Not deciding on your cooking experience costs you a considerable amount. You might like gas baking and your oven will need extra installation, which can make you think that they have overcharged you. So, I’ll advise you to choose your heating first.

●  Be realistic.

“The pizza oven will take only 20 minutes to reach its max heating,” should you believe it? No!! I would advise you to be realistic with your oven and let it heat for 45 minutes before you put your pizza in. This is the only way you’ll get the best pizza using your portable pizza oven. In the same way, your oven won’t mention what’s the turnaround time for multiple pies. So, based on your experience, let your oven preheat every time.

●  Expect some additional cost too.

No outdoor pizza oven brings you all in one under the same package, What you’ll read on the manual will be only the options that you can add with your oven. Hence, if you want to switch the oven from propane to gas or wood, the setup will demand extra cost.

●  You must be a pizza expert.

Making pizza with outdoor ovens differs from those at your home. The reason is the distribution of heat and diffusion. Therefore, many times, you complain about unfavorable experiences. So, you must learn what makes a perfect pizza, and understand how to use your oven first.

Expert picked the best camping pizza oven

Once known all about making a perfect outdoor pizza choice, it’s time to dig deep into our best ovens now. So, let’s explore.

1. Best camping Pizza Oven Ooni Pro 16 Outdoor Pizza Maker, Wood-fired

 Best camping Pizza Oven

Spend and enjoy an unlimited variety of pizza with your camping… The pizza oven by Ooni is great for you if you want to invest in your outdoor pizza factory because of your extreme outdoor pizza needs. As an ideal heating gear, the pizza oven delivers the heat of 950F, which is the required max for making any pizza. Thus, the pizza oven will not abandon you with a heat supply deficiency.

The adjustable heating options for this pizza oven are propane, gas, wood, and charcoal. But to turn your oven on gas, propane, or pellet, you’ll have additional installation costs. Since the pizza oven is large, you can make any pizza of up to 16 inches. The fueling with the outdoor pizza oven is tricky. For example, the coal takes more time to heat the oven, while the larger logs of wood need to split first.

Speaking of the assembly, it’s easy. Yet, potability is less convenient because of its weight—not an issue for a pizza lover. The heat is all about with this oven, so is the problem that you can’t control this heat evenly. Thus, rotate your pizza continuously to avoid burning. As the oven is of metal, you can expect it to rust soon. Yet, the best rust prevention practice can help the most.


  • Super hot
  • values your money
  • Equally suitable for cooking fish, chicken, etc.


  • Requires heat diffusion
  • Heavier
  • Needs care against rust
  • Costly

2. Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven Black

BEST Outdoor Pizza Oven FOR CAMPING

If you want to enjoy the peace of mind with pizza making at you coming without spending much on the oven, the pizza oven by Bertello is an excellent choice.

What else you can’t find? It’s easy to clean and delivers the matchless heat like those of $$$ pizza ovens…. So, you get more than you spend.

Like any other camping pizza oven, however, the oven by Bertello demands to learn first. You need to understand the operation, heat management, and pizza dough—the manual will not guide enough. Thus, ultimately. You’ll claim it to be “yours” pizza maker.

While using the oven by Betello, I’ll advise you to make small pizzas. Why? The opening of the oven is small, and it is hard to rotate your pizza — not a big deal with any low-cost pizza oven.

Here is another joy as you can cook other foods as well inside the oven, like fish, chicken, etc. So, you need no extra stove for your camping.

When it’s about disability, you must take care of your gear. Leaving it under the sky at night can cause rust.

For the heating ounces, the oven is quite easy to run on wood, and charcoal—wood is better for her. Yet, for propane, you’ll need an extra installation and additional setup requirements. Besides these, your propane cylinder might not last as long as you want.


  • Good heat
  • Cost friendly
  • Can cook fish, chicken, etc.
  • Easy to clean


  • Portable
  • Can catch rust

3. Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

Outdoor Camp Oven

You’re a baker, camper, and a chef and also have cooking needs for big servings? Purely built to run on propane, the oven, and burner by Camp Chef will cook you everything including cake, pizza, tea, and omelets.

However, as propane is its only source of energy, you can’t run the unit on LPG. The heat production of the unit, as the manufacturer claims, is 7,500 BTUs, which only applies if you turn on a single burner. Thus, turning on both burners will divide it in half.

Likewise, the oven with 3000 BTUs is enough to do perfect baking for you. Hence, it’ll suffice your pizza love under your budget — the stove is a bonus.

Since you use propane to burn this oven, cold weather can affect your operations. How?In height, it might freeze your gas line, which will affect the heat.

In the same way, the wind can be a big problem when you use the stove camping. So, you can control the heat loss, if you use any trick.

Similarly, though the manufacturer tells you, it can reach up to 400 degrees Cellius, yet realistically it remains at 300. The learning curve is still there. Which is about its thermostat? So, learn the heat measurement and distribution yourself to get perfect pies out of the oven.

Speaking of the oven size, it’s not enough for big baking. So, you’ll compromise your pizza size — not bad though. In short, it’s overall a pleasant choice that you’ll love for one year because of its durability.


  • Cost friendly
  • Serves for cooking and baking equally
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable


  • Can’t fight the wind
  •  Moderate heating

4. Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven, Gas Oven, Award-Winning Pizza Oven

portable camping pizza oven

Liquid propane-based pizza ovens are an excellent choice when you only need a simple pizza with no headache or struggling with woods. The pizza oven by Ooni Koda promises to allow you to make dozens of pizzas, which it does…!

However, it takes time, which is obvious for any mini pizza oven. So when you’re looking for a campfire, it’ll serve you if you’re patient.

You can easily spot the pizza oven is smaller, which means your pizza can exceed 10 inches. The core temperature of the pizza oven is 750 degrees celsius. 

Similarly, just as an equal specification with any pizza oven, its heat distribution is uneven. So, if you want to eat the pizza fully brown, it’ll be over-baked and smelly as well.

Similarly, if you’re a beginner with the pizza oven from Ooni, you’ll find your pizza hard to bake. So, it will require more apprehension of the product.

The design of the pizza oven is nice to look at: seems like some electric pizza maker. The assembly of the product is also quite easy.


  • Cheap
  • Nice design
  • Good pizza oven


  •  Uneven heat distribution

5. CAPT’N COOK Ovenplus Salamander Grill – All in One Portable Gas Grill, Oven, and Stove with Pizza Stone

camping pizza oven

Not to claim a pizza oven! Why? it does everything for your baking and cooking… Hence, it’s not a pizza oven only, but a complete oven as well.

So, get the camping pizza oven by CAPT’n when you love to try different baking recipes outdoors. The design of the camping pizza oven is nice with grilling choices as well. However, the step needs some patience to understand the unit.

The design of the product is entirely stainless steel, so the rusting isn’t for this unit. The size and the weight of the gear make it very easy to carry. Unlike most of the camping pizza ovens, the pizza-making is easy with this oven—happy ever after!!!

Just like some other portable stoves, a minor issue can be with the wind. It will, of course, affect the heat as well… So blaming the burner can be less justifiable. Instead, you can use some windbreaker.

In short, they have made the product to bring the family and friends together at small gatherings.


  • Perfect for pizza and grilling
  • Excellent design
  • Cost-effective


  • Can’t withstand wind

6. Mimiuo Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven with 13″ Pizza Stone & Foldable Pizza Peel

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The portable, stainless steel pizza oven is a pleasant choice when you love a portable and sustainable pizza oven.

The design of the pizza oven is simple. And its weight also eases the inability.

The oven runs on a wood pellet simply. To control the heat, you can use the chimney.

The temperature inside reaches 500 degrees in 20 mins. Still, it’s not enough to bake a pizza instantly.

But the oven has an amazing side as well, which you’ll miss any other camping pizza oven. It’s the auto-rotate stone plate.

Hence, your all worry will end about the burnt undercooked pizzas. The only on/off button helps you control the rotation of the pizza stone.

To assemble and operate the oven, I’ll recommend you to understand it first. The reason is its manual, which does not guide you sufficiently. Yet, you must buy the oven if you already understand the portable pizza camping ovens well.


  • Inexpensive
  • Rotatable pizza stone
  • Rust resistance
  • Easy to clean


  • Improper guidance from the manufacturer.

Amplify your Outdoor Fun with your Camping Pizza Oven

Every experience becomes matchless and memorable when you add your love to it. Therefore, you can’t put your love for the cheesy taste of pizza aside.

By getting your ideal pizza oven, you can bring heaven of your taste to your table. And the price won’t matter to you whether in terms of effort or money.

Your best camping pizza oven has a lot to offer you: convenience, variety, and affordability as well. So, which will you be getting now, for you or your pizza crazy friend….???


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