Do you need a constant supply of dense ice cubes to cool your drinks and smoothies at your RV? You must be looking for an RV ice maker that is quick, portable, quiet while generating as many ice cubes as you need.

What can make the best camping ice maker? Scrolling the user’s reviews can also leave you in a fix, especially when you see complaints about the insulation of the ice makers — ice makers don’t have insulation like refrigerators. In such a case, what to do? 

The best brands of portable ice maker

Just give a 10 mins read to this article. We’ve reviewed the best ice maker to help you pick yours. To add value, we’ve also considered the real-time user’s experience. So, with no more delay, here we come with our top picks.

1. Frigidaire EFIC189-Silver Compact Ice Maker, 26 lb per Day, Silver

Frigidaire Ice Maker
Frigidaire Ice Maker

Here is the 2nd last in our list of hot selling ice makers by Frigidaire. The machine is inviting sales with its outer plastic body, top see-through lid, front control panel, and 1.5l capacity.

Does it meet the user’s expectations? Here are our findings.

The camping ice maker by Frigidaire is accurate with its performance. The ice delivery is fast, and you don’t have to wait much when many drinks are waiting for a chill. 

The machine is also easy to clean, just like its operations, although the control panel is not at the top. But the ice cube can be wet.

The machine is also perfect for sitting on tiny areas or the RV kitchen counter for being steadily quiet.

Overall, the machine can make a delightful addition if it lasts longer. Unfortunately, many users have complained about its temporary life. But that can be because of the under-defined draining instructions about this machine. 

You need to learn to drain it the right way or simply use the towel to soak the remaining water. But, overall, the machine makes a satisfactory purchase.


  • Almost silent
  • Easy usage and maintenance
  • The alarming system for better process control


  • Faulty draining instruction by the manufacturers

2. Euhomy RV Ice Maker Machine Countertop

Do you want to know what the best RV ice maker is? In our list here, it is at the top of the Countertop ice maker by Euhomy. The ice maker has won the hearts of its users, being fast, quiet, and easy to use.

The ice cream maker brings you bullet ice cubes, which are harder and also aesthetically impressive. The machine is easy to use through its control panel that not only monitors the ice-making through auto stoppage but also warns you about the water overflowing.

As the machine comes with a removable basket, the ice cubes are easy to transport onto the refrigerator later on. Likewise, the sturdy scoop is a bonus.

When it’s about the design, the machine again captivates you through its beautiful sleek surface, which offers breezy cleanliness via a simple wipe.

The ice makers are never about the freezers. So, the common complaint about all ice makers can be that the ice cubes come out as soft. So, beware, shift them into the refrigerator as soon as possible.

With the ice maker by Euhmoy, on the top has been the customer support. They assist you with any problem — getting the product replacement is easy if the thing arrives faulty.


  • Noiseless
  • Sleek design
  • Long-lasting
  • Incredible performance
  • Excellent customer support


  • The Control panel is not the top, but the front.

3. Dreamiracle RV Portable Ice Maker, 33 lbs Capacity 

Do you need a portable ice maker for your large family? With a runner-up in our picks, here we come with this RV ice maker by Dreamiracle. The machine has also got excellent appreciation from the users. 

The ice maker is fast, with its large capacity of 33 lb in 24 hours. Thus, it keeps on serving you for the entire day, even for big gatherings, picnics, and outdoor beach campings.

The machine also has an impressive self-cleaning system. Thus, because of being big, cleanliness is not a worry.

The control system is superb with the Dreamiracle ice maker. You’re relaxed because the machine will warn you about water or ice-making completion.

We were pleased to see the control panel sitting at the top. Hence, it’s easy to read.

Again, like any quality product, the ice maker for camping comes with a 1-year warranty and a return policy of 45 days. Hence, you’re more confident with your purchase.

For the cleanliness, the outer stainless steel body of the machine also does a great job. For the noise level, again, the device is quiet. In short, if it falls under your budget, you won’t regret getting it.


  • No noise
  • The robust and sleek body
  • Auto alarm system for timely control
  • Excellent warranty and return policy


  • The cubes can be soft if not shifted in the referring

4. IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop

3rd in our collection for portable ice makers is this extra fast ice maker by IKCHI. Again, the gear has been at the top owing to several reasons.

The ice maker has been designed to make as many ice cubes as you need — up to 12 kg is tempting about this gear. Relying on the ice-making capacity of this machine, you’ll love to add more drinks to your party.

This ice cube-like silky machine is also long-lasting. The maintenance is also snappy.

When it’s about ice makers or any other electronics, you want to silence. The ice maker is great for maintaining health-friendly surroundings with a 65dB noise level.

The machine has an access control panel at the top. So, you can operate it to get ice cubes of two sizes. In contrast, the devices with the front panel are hard to read or control.

The ice maker allows you to get ice cubes of 2 sizes quickly. The control panel also has an alarm system for water needs.

We love this machine for two benefits. First, the drainage system is efficient in keeping your kitchen counters clean. 

Second, the exhaust is of better quality. Thus, this cooling system helps you get harder cubes.

The machine is heaven. How? Two years warranty is making it matchless.


  • The lowest noise level
  • Fast ice making
  • Accessible and efficient control system
  • Excellent warranty of two years


  • The ice basket is relatively small.

5. AGLUCKY Countertop Ice Maker Portable Machine

You have been lucky if you are searching for RV ice makers. How? 

In our reviewed ice makers, most of the ice makers are highly competent. Just like the previous three options, this is another incredible portable ice maker from Aglucky.

This ice maker has a 26lb capacity. That’s sufficient for your medium-sized family, no matter how many drinks you plan a day.

This ice maker also stands among the fastest ice makers with 6 mins turnaround. Though it has a small basket, yet you get 9 cubes.

With a top control panel and vigilant alarm system, the camping ice maker allows you a smooth control.

This machine has a good cooling system to bring you hard bullet-shaped ice cubes. Yet, the fan isn’t as quiet as it should be.

On the downside, the ice can also taste a bit off-the-beat from this little machine.


  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Nice design
  • Fast ice making
  • Sleek control system


  • Little Noisy

6. Igloo ICEB26WH Automatic Portable RV Ice Maker

 Igloo Portable RV Ice Maker

When it’s about ice makers, you can never forget the ice makers by Igloo. They’re always rocking the floor. So, here is one of the best-selling RV ice makers by Igloo.

It is available in 5 different buying options with varying colors. But these are equal in the core performance.

It is small and quiet. Yet, being small doesn’t compromise on the cub’s count — you get 9.

The ice maker is also good for the operation and controls via the top control panel. Though the ice maker by Igloo is not as excellent as the products mentioned above are, we like it for its removable basket, which helps with easy transportation of the ice cubes.

The customer service by Igloo is also highly supportive. You can return the product if it cannot meet the expectations. However, the return reports are frequent — I wish to have a good one.

In the same way, for the functionality, the ice maker is great. But the noise level is indeed not as low as described. So you have to be patient.

In short, you can try this ice maker relying on the support service.


  • Easy use
  • Portable ice basket
  • Fast speed
  • Good value for money
  • Excellent customer support


  • Noisy

7. Igloo ICEB26SS Automatic Ice Maker 26 Pound

Igloo  Automatic Ice Maker
Igloo Automatic Ice Maker

You’ve already known about an RV ice maker by Igloo. A similar ice maker is also available in another buying option as 

The answer can be “almost every time.” Therefore, we have the Igloo ICE 26SS. The camping ice machine is not different from the gear mentioned above.  

The alarming system, excellent control, and airy cleanliness all make it the best seller. Of course, the customer support is also remarkable. The only downside can be the noisy machine or receiving the package with bad luck — you can return and get new.


  • Excellent performance
  • Snappy cleanliness
  • Removable basket
  • Matchless customer support 


  • No quiet

8. CROWNFUL Ice Maker Machine for Countertop

CROWNFUL Ice Maker Machine

Built to remain silent is this ice maker by Crownful in our ice makers review post. This camping ice maker is also marvelous for the ice-making process. 

To operate the machine demands no serious efforts except to plug it or press the control buttons. However, don’t underestimate the performance. 

But it’s pretty slow with 8 mins turnaround. As a result, you get the ice cube supply of 12-13 kg of rice for the next 24 hours. 

The product is also a best seller. The reason is its 1-year warranty and supportive customer service. No issue can frighten you with your purchase.

Ice makers can be notorious for softening ice. But the portable RV ice maker by Crownful has an alarm system to check the ice instantly. Similarly, the water arm system also helps with on-time refilling.

From ice cubes delivery to cleanliness, there is no hitch except that you have to be careful with the surrounding temperature, which can affect the size of your ice cubes if higher.


  • Almost silent
  • Easy usage and maintenance
  • The alarming system for better process control


  • The environmental temperature can affect the cube size

9. HomeLabs Chill Pill Countertop Ice Maker 

HomeLabs RV ice maker

The countertop ice maker by HomeLabs is one of the famous ice makers that you can wish to have at your camping site at first glance. The ice maker is incredible for its fast ice making. 

With the removable ice bucket, the ice maker ensures the timely placement of cubes into the refrigerator. Consequently, your ice cubes remain hard. The design of the ice-making machine seems sleek. 

But here are some disappointing downsides too. The plastic at the top is not impressive. The machine does the job until it doesn’t stop for the ice making — it can soon.

According to our findings, the 2 years warranty seems tempting about this machine. But, who cares later when you get an unsatisfactory response from the company.


  • Ok performance
  • Easy to use
  • Nice design
  • The bucket is removable.


  • Two years warranty is for temptation only.

What is the Best RV Ice Maker? Our Verdict.

RV ice maker is a need of every RV. By getting a quality ice machine for your counter, you can save yourself from future worry besides getting the ultimate comfort of icy bite anytime, anywhere. In Frigidaire ice machine is the best. 

Likewise, for the larger capacity demands, the ice maker by Euhomy is exceptional. Let us know which one you’ll love to add in your kitchen or bar, by commenting below.


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