Do you need an RV surge protector that is most reliable to take care of your RV? You have reached the right place because you’ve reviewed the best RV surge protectors of 30 and 50 Amp for you.

Why trust us? We have evaluated the performance of these RV surges by consulting the real-time users’ experience.

Let’s end the wait. Here we come with the 8 best surges for RVs.

What is the best surge protector for an RV?

1. Surge Guard 44270- 50 Amp as the Best Power Defender against high Voltage

rv surge protector 50 amp
rv surge protector 50 amp

Do you need an affordable but excellent 50-Amp RV surge guard? The ground-breaking 44270 RV power defender by SafeGuard is here to help you stay safe and peaceful with your RV.

The Voltage protector is an ideal pick for big RVs. It has LED illuminators to show you the power status. These indicators are beneficial in issues like reverse polarity, open ground, or open neutral. 

What did we like most about this Power protector? It has been selling for the last 10 years and still maintains the highest customer satisfaction. 

The reason is exceptional performance on a low budget. The unit is workable against high voltage only. 

The device also has excellent weather resistance. So, using a protector cover can help it last longer. 

For the performance, it continues doing its job over the year. Yet, in case of unresponsiveness, you can consult customer support. The device can only stop working if some major thunderstorm hits.

Still, for the value, it’s incredible.


  • Highly affordable
  • LED indicator
  • Excellent performance
  • Nice weather resistance


  • No practical drawbacks.

2. Progressive Industries as the Best RV Surge Protector 30 Amp

rv surge protector 30 amp
rv surge protector 30 amp

Are you running out of time, you still want to pick the best 30 Amp RV surge protector? We can understand it well. Therefore, we’ve got you this 30 Amp Surge protector to end your worries about the surge that can hit your RV so badly that it’ll cost you $$$$.

Why at the top? The RV protector is one of the most durable surge protectors from our RV surge protector reviews. 

It’s safe for outdoor usage. Whether it rains or snow falls, you need not worry about it for its adaptability.

Many surge protectors are safe or outdoors, you might think…. You’re right. 

Yet, with this surge protector, the value you get for the money is XX. The reason is, it’s affordable, unlike those costly surges.

Thermal tolerance is of great concern about any RV protector. This SSP30X protector is matchless in this area as well, despite the low price. Hence, it’s better to call it “aggressive” than “progressive.”

Do you want to avoid the usual polarity mistakes in your electric setup, like the open neutral, open ground, or reverse polarity? The Progressive RV surge also has a polarity tester.

To help you monitor it, the protector comes with the LED light indicators — Halloween night doesn’t stop it from letting you know the status. Likewise, you never need to phone an alien to set this up. Get it, plug it, it’ll perform its duty.


The actual test happens when it protects you from a surge. It keeps on working until a surge hits, and the green light stops working. 

What’s next? Contact the customer support with the damaged product and try to get a replacement if possible — they respond lazily.


  • Affordable
  • LEd indicator
  • Easy to use


  • Can stop working after a surge

3. Camco 55301 30 Amp RV Power Defender 30 Amp

 Camco 55301
Camco 55301

Longevity can be the biggest challenge for RV surges, especially when there are many surge protectors and only because of the poor weather shield. To help you get the most durable Surge protector for RVs, we’ve added this Camco 55301 surge protector for RVs to our list.

Built to tolerate outdoor challenges like heat, humidity, and cold, the RV surge protector with a weather-resistant design is easy to install. Likewise, the unplugging of this Camco Power Defender is also airy to unplug. You need not put it to work manually.  

As soon as everything gets fine, the power defender retrieves its job. Hence, the usage is snappy.

The LED lights are always vigilant to point out faults like the open neutral, open ground, or reverse polarity. Because of the endurance that this RV power defender is relatively pricey — it justifies the cost through performance.

This surge protector for RVs also has an integrated “fault spying” system. So, when something goes wrong with the system, it’ll stop the power supply and save you — it’s a lifesaver.

Why do so many RV owners love this RV power defender? Its vast applications and compatibility with many RVs make it ideal.

In short, this RV protector against power is a splendid choice. Yet, you may come up questioning its weather resistance, failure in rain and performance after a few uses.


  • Excellent performance as far as it does the job
  • LED indicator
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer service


  • Pricey
  • Heavier

  4. RV Surge Protector 30 Amp, PAWSAF RV Power Defender Voltage Protector

30 Amp RV Surge Protector
30 Amp RV Surge Protector

Available to buy in two options, 30Amp, and 50 Amp, this RV voltage protector is one of the top under-budget RV surge protectors. As an easy-to-install power defender, the unit is ready to protect your RV against all the power faults like reverse polarity, open neutral, etc.

The RV power protector is extremely fast to do its job. Besides this, the LED indicator on the black body is pretty visible to help you learn the status of this device. Hence, no darkness prevents you from updates.

The three years warranty is a big reason to invite so many sales for this surge defender — wow customer support. And the result is, you’re more confident with your purchase. The same is your experience with the usage.

Drawback? If you ask us, a user has reported the product fails to show open ground. Yet, it seems to be a fault with his particular gear. 

Hence, this power is highly appreciated by the users. You can trust it for it comes with a 36 months warranty period.


  • Excellent value for the money
  • LEd indicator
  • Incredible warranty and customer support
  • Affordable
  • Good weather resistance


  • Can be loose in the plugin

5. Portable RV Surge Protector Portable EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector, Black

EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector
EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector

Here is another great RV surge protector from Progressive Industries. It’s the EMS-30PTX power defender with excellent resistance and performance.

The PT30X surge defender is another versatile alternative for 30 Amp RVs. This one comes with an LED display to show the more elaborated status of your power system, unlike the simple indicators. You love it, when you don’t want the precise info. 

In the same way, it has excellent weather resistance — thanks to the inbuilt weather shield that helps it last longer. Any lowest or highest temperatures rarely affect this device.

The more peace of mind you get when you find a security lock on the display of this surge protector.

Why do we love it?

With full EMS protection, it has a lifetime warranty for the main device. So, exactly get the highest value for the money — you never think it costly.

Does it have any shortcomings? Yes.

The surge protector is a big device of nearly 2 kg weight; It’s why portability is demanding. Yet, we don’t think, for the performance, you would care about it.

To put it simply, the device is superb for its performance until it lasts. However, if something goes wrong, you’ll have to be patient, for customer support isn’t as quick as they claim.


  • LED indicator
  • Lock protected LED display
  • Impressive performance
  • Excellent weather resistance


  • Costly
  • Customer support is a pain.

6. TRC 44750 Surge Guard 30-Amp Portable with Shock Shield

When you’re searching for an under-budget 30-Amp RV surge protector, considering this TRC 44750 can be helpful. The reason is, the device has also proved helpful for many users despite being relatively low in price.

What makes this device special? It’s compatible with almost all mini travel trailers and other recreational vehicles. Besides this, the entry-level RV power defender is easy to install.

How does it help you? It detects the ground faults and auto shuts off.

In addition, the weather resistance is also excellent. 

How this device performs, it also depends on your expectation. Some users have discouraged having this power defender for it doesn’t act in case of low voltage. 

Likewise, you might also miss the auto rest feature. However, overall, or the money, it has been prompt to do its job.


  • Auto shut off system
  • Not costly
  • Excellent performance
  • Value for the money


  • No LED indicator

7. Hughes Autoformers PWD30-EPO, 30 Amp Spike Power Watchdog, Shut Off

30 Amp Spike Power Watchdog
30 Amp Spike Power Watchdog

Are you a tech-savvy camper; or do you like to be smart? If yes, this power defender is one of the best RV surge protectors.

Do you think you’re going to pay heavily for this surge protector with the BlueTooth connectivity feature? No, it’s not expensive when compared with its peers — the outcome is impressive.

Yet, it also does not compromise on the performance.

The manufacturers have designed it to be weather-resistant outdoors through its robust construction. Similarly, it’s also highly compatible with many appliances to add life to them.

Besides the breezy installation, the operation of this RV surge protector is superb because of the auto power shut-off. Hence, the ground faults never turn into a headache for you.

The device doesn’t have a led indicator to report the issues. Instead, it uses the indicator lens to let you know what’s going on. 

In general, the device has a stunning performance. However, it will not help you with the low voltage, which can be equally destructive for $$$$ worth gears and appliances as reported by a user — it’s not the product’s fault. 


  • Auto shut off system.
  • Best performance
  • Value for the money
  • Weather resistance
  • Smart usage through Bluetooth connectivity


  • Expensive

8. RV Surge Protector 30 Amp, Briidea Adapter Circuit Analyzer with LED Indicator Light

RV Surge Protector 30 Amp
RV Surge Protector 30 Amp

Here comes the perfect electric pile detector as the best cheap RV surge protector. It’s a 30 Amp Briidea adapter. 

The snappy and straightforward adapter uses the LED indicator to help you know the underlying faults. We liked the way the manufacturers have defined the LED indicators on this adaptors’ top.

This adaptor is easy to use at the campground. Once connected, vigilantly maintains a check on the power flow and up to six wiring issues, including open-ground, open-hot, open-neutral-reverse polarity, hot-ground-reverse, and hot-on-neutral with hot on open.

The extensive functionality, along with the lowest price, is indeed remarkable. In addition, the adapter is also well built besides the portable design. Hence, you don’t doubt its sturdiness.

This simple surge detector has no auto power shut-off. So, for the money, it does a straightforward job of fault detection.

What surprised us? Despite being new, this mini device is driving crazy sales, which is evident in its performance.

We can’t leave it without discussing the shortcomings in our review for this 30Amp surge detector by Briidea. Few users have complained about the surge detector meltdown when plugged in. Yet, the 90% user satisfaction indeed is the worth of this adapter.


  • The best indicator
  • Money saver
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to use


  • Not much durable

Final Thoughts

Your RV and its appliances can be at risk without the RV surge protector. The only solution can be to find out the best RV Surge protector and install it.

To get the ideal RV power defender, you can consider the devices mentioned above. Most of these voltage detectors are completely under your budget. Thus, you can pick a good RV power defender without breaking the bank.

Which one do you like the most? Let’s know by commenting below. You can also let us know what info you need by commenting here.

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