Have you got a craze for camping, hiking, and outdoor fun? You must need wood burning camp stoves that are portable, easy to set up, sturdy, rust-free with uniform heating. 

The wood stoves are essentials for hiking and camping when you no longer love jet fuel fire gears. In contrast, the wooden stoves become your favorite when you are sure about the abundant wood supply from nature and love the rustic aroma of wooden coal in your food. 

Thus, the wood stoves also save you money. However, would they perform with no disturbance, any guarantee? We’ll give you…. How? 

We’ve picked and evaluated the most famous wood stoves for camping to help you get your ideal stove. So, here we walk through our top picks.

Our Standards to Assess the Wood Burning Camp Stoves

Will you agree that the wood burning camp stoves that burn the wood for the fire are ideal wood-burning stoves? No…!!! Certain qualities considerations let you have the perfect wood burning camp stoves. Here are these.

  • Outdoor stoves can hardly tolerate the humidity. They can catch rust. So, a good stove is made of stainless steel material.
  • Portability makes the transportation of your stove easy. So, if it’s lightweight, it’ll not add much weight to your back.
  • Functionality is another essential. Whether the gear is cheaper or expensive, if it does not serve the core purpose of sufficient fire, it’s garbage.
  • Your wood-burning camping stove can be lightweight. But does it carry your pot? The stability of the cookware on the stove is highly desirable.
  • Last, is it foldable, or you keep on figuring out how you’ll pack it? If you can assemble it in no time, it’s a good stove.

Hence, you need to care for all these features in your portable camping hearth.

1. Unigear Wood Stoves Picnic BBQ as the Best Wood Burning Camp Stoves

wood burning camp stoves
wood burning camp stoves

Among our collection of the best wood-burning camping stoves, the stove by Unigear has won first place. Why? 

It’s portable because of its lightweight and ease of assembly. It can be the reason the product is becoming a famous stove among solo hikers and backpackers.

The stove isn’t mini at all. It lets you cook your entire meal. Being 1.5-pound lightweight, does it compromise on the quality? Not at all…!!!

The stove has got a firm buildability of corrosion-free stainless steel. Hence it’s durable too.

Portability has always been a concern of every camping lover. The unit’s book-like foldability lets you set or pack it in no time. Thus, it saves much time and effort. Don’t mistake its sturdiness with the pot weight it can bear. Your pot of up to 20 can sit nicely on the heat. 

What do you like to feed it with? From fuel tablets to leaves, wood, and charcoal, everything burns well inside the stove to set up the fire. At the same time, the ventilation lets the air come to boost the internal operation. Thus, its performance is excellent to let you cook whatever you want. Yet, it’s an open stove, so it doesn’t compete with the four-side stove. On the other hand, to help it stand well, you need a plain surface underneath. 


  • Sturdy
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Affordable
  • Higher satisfaction for the heat


  • Consumes more wood

2. Ohuhu Stainless Steel Portable Wood Burning Camp Stoves for BBQ Camp Hiking with Grill Grid

portable wood stove
portable wood stove

Are you looking for a wood stove for camping that is portable about light fire in a  closure? The stove by Ohuhu is the 2nd best stove in our chases for wood burning camp stoves.

The first thing to impress you is its design. The shining logo-carved stove welcomes you to heat your pans and pots on the stove.

It appears small and sturdy, which it is. Besides the design, the premium quality stainless steel provides extra strength to the gear. Hence, you can place the heavier pot on this stove.

At first glance, the stove seems to be complex to assemble. Yet, to put together, they’re easy. Similarly, once joined, you can cook anything, e.g., water, meal, and even burn for heating your tent—safety is necessary yet.

The pot supporting three arms are also quite helpful in this gear. Though the arms are a little flimsy, they are workable. You can open them to hold the heavier and wider pots.

So, after assembly, here comes the outstanding performance. You can use wood, twigs, and even pinecones to open the treasure of heat.

As the stove has a four-sided enclosure, your fire is quick. Similarly, the bottom vent provides the ascending flow of oxygen to the flames. 

Unfortunately, this heavy supply of oxygen ends your wood fuel in no time. As a result, to cook a big meal, you need a bulk of the wood. So, have this stove when you’re not in a hurry and have got an abundance of wood logs — mini. In short, for the solo hikers, the tiny wood burner is good.


  • Rust free, durable design
  • Portable
  • Easy to use


  • Eats wood instantly
  • Top wood-feeding disturbs the cooking process.

3. REDCAMP Wood Burning Camp Stove Folding Stainless Steel 304# BBQ Grill

portable wood burning stove
portable wood burning stove

Do you want an engineered grilling and heating solution for your camping site that runs on wood? The wood-burning camp stove by REDCAMP has got 3rd place on our list. 

Available in two sizes, the ultimate fire burner meets your need for solo and group camping.

Do you think it looks complex? No…. Count on your stopwatch; you can build it in 30 seconds only. The foldable, collapsible fire pit comes with the bag to hold it well beside your backpack.

The stove has 430 stainless steel in the infrastructure. Therefore, it’ll last over decades as your perfect camping partner.

The durable design and variety of sizes help you choose it for your outdoor get-to-gathers. Still, selecting the larger unit is advisable — much more manageable and sizeable.

As the firepit has a vent, and the ashtray can overflow to mess over the area. However, not a big deal when you are ready to clean it accordingly.

BLUE, BLUE, BLUE!!!! The protective layer has got much noise about the product and is pushy to avoid it. In contrast, the coating’s careful removal results in a friendly fire burning for your grilling and cooking needs. So, don’t worry about that.

You can’t doubt the performance of the gear. However, the foldability also causes the instability of the stove when you move it a lot. So, we’ll advise you not to disturb the shiny, angry boy. Likewise, beware when you’re helping it stand; its sharp sides can bite you.


  • Effortless folding 
  • Portable
  • Burns fire efficiently
  • Excellent design


  • Not stable
  • Sharp edges

4. OAKVUE Ultralight Backpacking Wood Burner Cooking Stove for Outdoor Activities

wood camping stove
wood camping stove

Do little stoves fascinate you when they burn the fire with no care of their size? This petty dragon is for you.

Just look at the stability rod at the side. You’ll know how many seconds it’ll take to be ready on your hasty camping side when you need to boil water or make an instant soup to soothe your body.

The extra lightweight fire gear is outstanding to be part of your camping. You need a hand when you’re at wild places. Therefore, the manufacturers have also included the firelighter.

What to use as fuel? Whatever is available, you can burn wood, charcoal, paper, and twigs comfortably. The bottom fueling palette lets the fire burning evenly.

For the material and design, the wood-burning camp stoves from OAKUE do an excellent job. Moreover, the incredible stainless steel material also prevents any damage from the dampness. However, it has some downside too.

It has sharp edges that can cause bruises. So, for the price, if you want to have it, keep its knife-like sharpness in mind.


  • Fantastic folding and portability
  • Extra accessories offer additional utility
  • Burns fire nicely


  • Sharp blade-like

5. HappyBuy Tent Stainless Steel Wood Stove with Folding Pipe

Best portable wood stove
Best portable wood stove

Do you want to add elite class wood burning camp stoves when you are on luxurious hiking trips? With an in-depth engineered design, the portable wood stove by HappBuy can be a fantastic choice. 

Looking at its design, it casts an impact on some stove from the moon or Mars. Indeed, it has undergone well-researched fuel-burning tests to provide the hikers with the best flow of fire.

The stove is made of stainless steel… While its top grill is that of aluminum. Thus, the whole unit fights against the rust. Likewise, its aluminum top also saves your food from the typical burning of food and its stickiness on the stainless steel grills.

The front movable vent and chimneys let you control the heat. On the other hand, the top lid also lets you open the stove according to your need. You can also use the aluminum top as a pan.

The wood camping stove is costly. Still, we can love it because it has four legs which let you place it on an uneven camping ground. 


  • The superb material of aluminum
  • Outstanding design
  • Excellent control over the heat


  • Extremely costly
  • Not foldable or collapsible 

6. Lixada Folding stove as the Best Wood Burning Camp Stoves for Windy Places

Portable wood stove
Portable wood stove outdoor

How about getting a mini stove with a chimney that you can discover out of a pouch? Yes, it is the Stove by Lixada that is perfect for beach sites and windy tops.

The stainless steel, rust-free fire gear has become a remarkable addition to the backpacks. We’ll review what you can get.

To assemble it requires effort. It seems easy to set up, which is not worry-free. You get a lot of work about fastening the screws. The same will happen when you want to pack it back. 

Moreover, to construct the stove, you have to deal with half a dozen parts, and hikers can’t afford to lose these parts somewhere. SO, get it when you’re going on wind-crowded areas only.

Once you have assembled the stove, it will offer you a treat of the undisturbed fire for your small pots. However, it’s not suitable for heavier pots.

Overall, it’s an impressive addition to your expeditions at higher altitudes.


  • Perfect for the trick fires
  • Portable
  • lightweight


  • Assembly demands effort
  • Hard to clean

7. SUCHDECO Backpacking Camping Grill Small Folding Barbecue Grill 

portable wood stove
portable wood stove

Do your camping meal revolve around grill and barbecue? You might prefer the firepit that allows ample space for your hot dogs. Therefore, we’ve got you the SUCHDECO’s foldable grill.

The stainless steel portable grill comes with longevity. The mesh grill is also durable because of its stainless steel material. To assemble the side brackets, you need no extra tools. 

Besides this, the fireplace has a vast area to let you burn the smooth fire under the grill. So, the ashes won’t trouble your barbeque dinner. 

For the performance, the product is OK. The overall size of the grilling stove is smaller. So, you can barely fill it with the woods that you need to burn the fire for grilling. 

In contrast, it can go well with the coals. So, we’ll, instead, call it coal grill than the wood-burning stove or grill. Therefore, it’s better to have it when you know you occasionally need grilling for small servings.

The whole unit stands on two brackets. Hence, you can assess the balance of the gear. 

We don’t think it will bear any jerks when you adjust the charcoal and wood. In short, with an ok performance, the small grill can help you with your on and off barbecues.


  • Portable
  • Long-lasting material


  • Assembly demands effort
  • Hard to clean

Final Thoughts

You can see a variety of wood burning camp stoves. In contrast, only the portable, safe to use, and excellent heating performance stove can win. 

From our list, we’ve found the stoves by Unigear and Ohuhu the most suitable for you. However, for your individual needs, you can also go for others. Let us know which has been your favorite next stove by commenting below.


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