When it comes to food, drinks, and medications, it’s critical to have a solution to store items cold throughout an RV trip. RV refrigerator gas and electric don’t have to be enormous, but they do have to be trustworthy, according to seasoned owners and travelers. Compressors are utilized in most freezers that are used on a regular basis to cool or store food.

This involves the results of moving components, which create ideal storage circumstances. While gas devices have gone a long way, they still require a gas line and are highly combustible. If you have a propane refrigerator, bumps or bad road problems can cause igniting, which can swiftly progress into a full-blown RV fire.

Because electric freezers do not use combustible gas, sparks and motion are less of a concern. The existence of gas is a safer option even when you’re not traveling; evacuation is essential, and you must be alert of possible contamination. These issues are not present in electric devices.

Best Gas and Electric Refrigerator for Camper

1. Techomey camper refrigerator gas and electric

propane electric refrigerator
propane electric refrigerator

Techomey Propane Refrigerator has three power suppliers to suit your demands. For a truck, a refrigerator is especially useful. Ideal for off-grid dwellings such as cabins and tiny dwellings, and also camping and RV use. A propane electric refrigerator has a noise-free absorption cooling system is included with this product. It’s ideal for households and compact places because of this. You have complete control over the temperature of your fridge with manual air circulation. For those who have never used a propane freezer prior, it is fine to look at the directions available to make operating very simple. This transportable compact small fridge is lightweight and easy to handle, has a high capacity, and is ideal as a gift for campers who use gas or electricity.


  • Having interior lighting
  • Can rotate them open to the left or right
  • Adjustable thermostat and glass shelves
  • Rotating door
  • Levels and Feet are adjustable


  • Little bit costly

2. Smad 3 Way Propane Gas Refrigerator 12 V 110V for Caravan, RV, Motorhome

Propane Gas Refrigerator
Propane Gas Refrigerator

This camper propane refrigerator is a one-stop shop made specifically for truckers. Despite the fact that the product includes electrical and air thermostats, you will not be purchasing a controller. It has storage of 1.4 cubic feet and is a tiny refrigerator. Refrigerator temperatures vary from 32 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. In my view, it is one of the best suitable 3-way refrigerators. It’s the perfect size and shape to accompany you on your travels. It’s ideal for use in the house, hotels and restaurants, camping, RV road trips, or simply as a transportable fridge. This is a bit easier to use, and as you can see on the front, the various connections correspond to the source of power you’re employing.


  • It can suit any layout and space
  • It is highly efficient, consumes little energy while providing the right temperature
  • Quiet refrigerator


  • Food items may shift around while driving, and fly out when you open the door

3. SMETA Camper Propane Refrigerator for RV Camper truck

gas and electric Fridge
gas and electric Fridge

This refrigerator is equipped with a three-mode energy system. This feature can be advantageous to you because it allows you to keep your drinks and snacks chilled at all times. You can use the AC power source as your main energy source while keeping the other two on hand in case of an incident. 

The SMETA ref is a lightweight item for a ref, which offers you a benefit when moving it from one car to another or from one automobile to your home. An additional feature of Smeta is its innovative absorption refrigeration, which, thanks to its quiet operating motor, causes no disruptions at night or when driving. Considering that this is a little refrigerator, building it with a movable door that reduces the risk of it colliding with other devices or causing dents is a sensible idea. This method allows you to completely utilize the space in your camper for other essential items.


  • Alternating Current, Direct Current or Propane-enabled=
  • Compact
  • Have a Reversible door
  • Easy to transfer
  • Energy and propane efficient


  • Does not have a freezer

Best Camper Electric Refrigerator

1. F40C4TMP Portable Refrigerator Freezer 12 Volt Car Cooler

12 Volt Car Cooler
12 Volt Car Cooler

The f40c4tmp Car Cooler has a USB cable and a programmable thermostat. You Can Easily Adjust The Heat With The Thermostat Switch. You Can Choose From Various Modes, Such As Fast Cooling And Energy Saving, And The Fridge Will Keep That Temp Irrespective Of Environmental Temperature Variations. It is special to be able to charge your smartphone or other electronic device using a USB cable. Since there is no fear of energy depletion, you can use it with ease. When the current is shut back on, the Memory Feature somehow doesn’t require the heat to be reset. The Car Refrigerator’s Shockproof Structure Enables It To Handle Tough Conditions.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Fast cooling
  • Led display and thermostat control
  • Low voltage protection and memory function


  • Space issue

2. AstroAI Mini Fridge – Portable Thermoelectric Cooler

The AstroAI 4-Liter Mini Fridge is ideal for folks who could use a cooler that can hold up to 6 aluminum cans or similar-sized things. Freezers of this size are highly lightweight that can be used by persons who really need cold drinks or want to preserve their food warm no matter where they are.

This portable refrigerator would also be very beneficial for people that work in offices. So, if you work in a huge open workplace, you won’t have to utilize the common refrigerator and possibly lose part of your drinks and snacks because of this fridge. You can keep this 4-liter AstroAI mini-fridge at your workstation since it fits into very compact spaces. As a result, not only would it keep your food safe, but it would also make it simple to get what you want when you want it. It’s also worth noting that this little fridge is ideal for keeping cosmetics and pharmaceuticals that require refrigeration.


  • Can cool up to 32 F
  • 4-6 liters of capacity
  • AC/DC adapters
  • Eco-friendly


  • Very small space

3. BLACK DECKER BCRK17B Compact Refrigerator

BLACK DECKER camper Refrigerator
BLACK DECKER camper Refrigerator

The inside space of this compact fridge is 1.7 cubic feet, which is ideal for holding beverage bottles, while the freezing section can contain many boxes of ready meals. On the interior of the doors, there are two compartments: one for bottles and the other for lighter objects.  The primary cooling compartment on the BCRK17B has one movable shelf, which allows customers to separate tiny goods or combine larger ones under one section.

This EPA-certified fridge is generally easier for campers or dorm rooms where students need to protect their care package food from spoiling. One of the more intriguing aspects of this little refrigerator is its thermostat dial, which allows users to choose how cold or warm their leftovers should be.


  • Ideal for small spaces and apartments
  • Equipped with adjustable thermostat control
  • Low energy consumption increases efficiency


  • Average performance

4. Walsh WSR31TS1 Compact Refrigerator for RV

Refrigerator for RV
Refrigerator for RV

Power consumption is among the aspects to keep in mind a refrigerator. It’s important to know how much power is available to turn on the freezer. One of the benefits of this refrigerator is that it uses less electricity. Despite the fact that this freezer is only 3.1 cubic feet in size, it is well worth the effort and fantastic. It has a freezer section and is composed of stainless steel. The refrigerator and Freezer are split into two compartments. As a result, chill anything, especially your ice cream. Fruit and vegetables are separated by glass shelves and a box. Glass shelves can be used to separate various sorts of food. A slide-out glass shelf that can be removed adds to your storage systems.


  • a reversible door that can open from left or right
  • You can control the temperature by merely turning the knob
  • 2 removable glass shelves
  • Leveling legs can adjust feet


  • Costly

5. BLACK+DECKER 2 Door Mini Fridge for RV Camper

This two-door tiny freezer consumes less fuel and takes up less room while storing food, soda, beer, and other drinks. Black is the color of choice for this sleek, contemporary design. It’s ideal for student dorm rooms and RV campers. The fridge’s two detachable floating shelves increase storage capacity while also making it easier to wash. This refrigerator has two sliding glass shelves that can be adjusted in three settings to suit a variety of food sizes. Everything inside the fridge, as well as the glass shelves that can be removed, are simple to wash. This little fridge is made even more useful by its changeable door, leveling legs, and air conditioning that can be adjusted. It makes very little noise, making it ideal for situations where you don’t want a loud device.


  • This mini fridge has a full-width freezer
  • Energy efficient
  • Reversible door


  • No automatic defrost function

Final Thoughts:

If you plan on bringing food, drinks, frozen foods, or other perishable foods with you when camping or traveling, an RV refrigerator is essential. When buying or updating your RV cooling system, one thing to think about is whether it’s driven by gas (propane) or electrically. Electric freezers are generally more efficient than gas freezers. Electric RV refrigerators become more prevalent and attractive for causes other than effectiveness: they’re healthier, easier to operate, and more economical, and they provide you more freedom and flexibility when you’re on the road.

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